RESIK closing event

The final event of the RESIK project took place on 16 June 2023. As with the round table in March 2022, we met at the Hotel Krefelder Hof in Krefeld.

Jan Hölterling, from Dräger GmbH, led the programme as moderator. The event opened with a speech from Martin Voss, from the Disaster Research Center (KFS), where he discussed the project idea development process, the challenges of beginning during the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the (staff) emergency-preparedness exercises that took place until the final day of the project.

Afterwards, Prof. Voss continued with a presentation on Phase Model hospital evacuation, analysing the social and psychological aspects of the evacuation process.

Fleur Kaufmann from Dräger then gave a lecture on evacuation planning in hospitals.

After a coffee break, Peter Windsheimer presented the hospital evacuation process of the German Red Cross. Next, Daniel Neuhausen, from the City of Krefeld joined him on stage and together they presented on decentralised accommodation.

After a lunch break catered by the Hotel Krefelder Hof, Alexander Roppelt from the International Centre for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW) spoke on legal responsibilities and ethical considerations.

Afterwards, Jan Hölterling introduced the panel discussion in which he asked questions to the various participants coming from scientific, practical, and local fields. The panel discussion was followed with audience questions.

Professor Voss closed the event and thanked the audience for their participation.

We thank our guests for their interest and questions.


Although the project has now officially ended, there will be future publications, including the final report and contributions within the DRC anthology.

In addition, this website will be available to you until autumn 2023.