KFS at the NEEDS22

Three members of the RESIK project attended this year’s NEEDS conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. This “Northern European Emergency and Disaster Studies Conference” took place between November 1st and 3rd 2022 in the building of the University of Copenhagen.

Marko Krüger from the International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW) at the University of Tübingen was moderator of the panel: “Think global, act local? – The temporal and spatial diffusion of disaster management”, in which two project-external colleagues of the Disaster Research Unit also participated with a presentation.

Nicolas Bock and Sidone Hänsch of the DRU presented a paper on “Civil Defense and Institutional Healthcare in Germany: Challenges in Vulnerability as Reflected in Current Discourse on Disaster Prevention” in a panel moderated by Daniel F. Lorenz (DRU) and Cordula Dittmer (DRU) on “Preparing for War and Disaster – Different Approaches and Current Challenges from the Perspective of Disaster Research”.

Through the participation of RESIK staff in this conference, the project could not only be presented and represented internationally, but also connected with current topics of other research areas or countries.