DRU at the “Fachtagung Katastrophenvorsorge”

At this year’s Disaster Preparedness conference, which took place online from October 25th to 27th, the RESIK project was represented by a joint panel of different project partners.

“Disaster management, hospital and care: networking and collaboration in crises and disasters” was the title of the panel and included presentations by collaborators of the BMBF-research projects RESIK and AUPIK.

The critical health infrastructures from the perspective of hospital and outpatient care were approached in several keynote presentations. Sidonie Hänsch and Nicolas Bock spoke on behalf of the KFS. Peter Windsheimer gave input for the German Red Cross and Alexander Roppelt participated for the University of Tübingen and their International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities.

The AUPIK project was represented by Luisa Habbel (German Red Cross) and Katharina Wezel (University of Tübingen).

Together, the participants spoke about the particular vulnerability of people in need of medical and nursing care in crises and disasters. Extreme events repeatedly require the evacuation and continued care of inpatients and outpatients. The workshop addressed challenges of coordinating multiple interfaces in this context and ended in a discussion with the audience.